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My Approach

If you’re looking for a therapist, chances are you are feeling somehow stuck in a pattern you can’t get out of. It might be a painful or traumatic past experience that is holding you back, it might be a new life challenge that has you unnerved, or maybe it’s a relationship where you feel deeply dissatisfied. You might feel that you are not getting what you want out of life, or that you feel like you’rel at the end of your rope and you don’t know where to turn to. If this is you, what I provide is a judgment-free holding space where you have a trained, neutral party invested in your growth to walk alongside you as you figure out how you can move past what has been holding you back. I understand the courage it took for you to seek help, and I will treat that with the utmost care and respect. The way I approach any problem is to first try to understand the context in which this problem is presenting, so that any resolution of the problem is in alignment with your values and beliefs and so that it can be sustainable. This means that I take time to carefully listen to the experiences you bring to the session, the values and beliefs that you hold dear to your heart, who the important characters in your life are, where you want to go, and who you want to become. In the process, I aim to look for your unique strengths and resources - and we all of them regardless of how we may feel at times - so that they can be harnessed to help you overcome your difficulty.  


I am trained in Narrative, Solution-Focused, and Collaborative Therapies for individual therapy, but I draw on other therapy models as well to fit the unique needs and circumstances of each client. In my work with couples, I use the Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy, having received advanced training in both. A common thread in my work is the fundamental premise that you are the expert of your life, and as a therapist, my role is to first try to fully understand your worldview and then work together to take stock of where you are and where you want to go. I do not believe that healing necessarily has to happen in a linear fashion, where A leads to B leads to C. This is because I have seen that each person’s response to a difficulty is unique and each person has their own pace that makes sense to them and what they have gone through. Sometimes detours and tangents are necessary part of the journey. I will follow your lead when it comes to setting the pace, because ultimately, this is your journey that only you can decide what is right for you. At the same time, if in my professional judgment I feel that you would benefit from a nudge or an alternative perspective I will offer this - always with your best interests at heart.

I provide Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, and Family Therapy. Issues I work with include (but are not limited to) trauma, anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationship/marital issues, family conflict, parent-child issues, communication problems, and infidelity. For more on which type of therapy is right for you, click here.

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